Saturday Conservatory of Music has ten ensembles. Our five orchestras, two string ensembles, two choirs, and jazz ensemble encompass different emphases and different skill levels to challenge each one of our students.  Evaluations are conducted to place students in the proper ensemble.


8:30 String Orchestra

This orchestra is designated for brand new string instrument students, with an emphasis on violin, viola, cello, and bass techniques.  As they learn how to handle and play their instrument, they also learn to follow a conductor and play with other musicians.   

8:30 Wind Orchestra

This orchestra is designated for musicians without any previous orchestra experience, with an emphasis on woodwind, brass, and percussion techniques.

9:30 Orchestra

This orchestra is designated for musicians with previous orchestra experience or with higher musical skills. The literature performed is more challenging than music for the Beginning Orchestras and requires more musical background and skills.

10:30 Orchestra

This orchestra is designated for musicians with higher musical skills and significant orchestra experience. The literature performed is challenging and requires an advance level of proficiency.

Youth Symphony West (YSW)

Our highest-level orchestra, Youth Symphony West, was created over fifty years ago to help public school students develop the musical skills necessary to become professional musicians. Youth Symphony West plays music drawn from standard orchestral literature, as would be played by major symphony orchestras. It meets from noon to 2:00 pm, outside our normal Saturday morning hours, and holds occasional public performances.  This ensemble class is currently unavailable.


Choir is a popular choice of students who are studying non-orchestral instruments, such as guitar, piano, voice, and ukulele. Participation in a choir gives students the opportunity to develop the skills needed to follow a conductor and perform with others. We have two choirs, divided by age: the Children’s Choir for children under 10 years old, and the SCM Choir for 10 and older.

String Ensemble

For string students wanting more experience playing in a smaller ensemble, we have a string ensemble for our intermediate and advanced level students.

Let's Make Music!

The Saturday Conservatory of Music (SCM) was established to provide affordable, quality music instruction to children in the greater Los Angeles area, targeting children from low income families and the school trained musician.