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In 1966, music coordinator of the East Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Unified School District, Carl Bruce with his music teacher wife, Ellen, and Robert Runge, Professor of Music Education at California State University, Los Angeles, organized the Cal State L.A.

Saturday Conservatory of Music. The purpose of the Conservatory was, and still is, to provide a low cost, individualized musical experience than is offered in public school music programs. Instrumental and vocal classes are taught in small groups by specialists who are trained music educators.


Students in the first through the twelfth grades may attend this exciting program. SCM strongly supports school music and Conservatory students are required to participate in their respective school music programs, if available.


Almost anyone can learn to play an instrument but to become a musician, you must not only be able to play an instrument, you must also be able to take direction from the conductor while playing with a group of other musicians.

The Saturday Conservatory of Music is centrally located in San Gabriel, CA and provides children an opportunity to become musicians. SCM offers young musicians the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument, learn music theory and then apply those skills to the art of musicianship by participating in a real orchestra. Each SCM student learns the skills to play beautiful music in concert with other young musicians.

SCM has nurtured and inspired many children to realize successful careers in the music and entertainment industry. Many students take to the foundation of musicianship learned at SCM and their training at local arts high schools such as The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts or Orange County High School of the Arts.

Many students have gone on to universities such as University of Southern California, University of California, Berkeley and Julliard. The dedicated staff of SCM will provide the foundation and inspiration necessary for any young musician who wants to reach for the stars or simply wants to learn to play an instrument.


• It is mandatory for each student to have an instrument to practice on
• Each student must bring their instrument to class
• Attendance is mandatory
• Missed classes will result in being dropped from the class
• Practice is mandatory – 20 to 30 minutes per day per instrument is the minimum
• Unruly or destructive behavior will result in removal from the program without refund


The Saturday Conservatory of Music expresses its gratitude to Mr. Christopher Guyer, Principal of Jefferson Middle School, Superintendent Jim Symonds, and the Governing Board of the San Gabriel Unified School District for the use of their wonderful facilities. We appreciate their overwhelming support. 

The Saturday Conservatory of Music program is made possible in part with generous grants received from

SCM is a project of Community Partners.  For more information about our fiscal sponsor, visit communitypartners.org.