As three legs make the foundation of a sturdy stool, our standard 3 class package forms the basis of comprehensive music education. Students learn to play an instrument, learn how to read and interpret the music, then play in a real orchestra with their peers. For those who learn nonorchestral instruments (guitar, piano, ukulele) or voice training, two choirs offer a challenging ensemble option. 

SCM offers classes in most orchestral instruments, as well as piano, guitar, and voice, and ukulele. Levels taught are primer (no experience), beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Music theory teaches scales, note values, rhythms, how to read and interpret sheet music. Learning music theory propels music learning (math, too!). Theory is taught at several levels, or may be fulfilled by two alt-theory classes: Jazz Improvisation or Composition. 

Participation in an orchestra, ensemble or choir lets young musicians put their skills and knowledge to work playing orchestral music with their peers. Students perform in a concert at the end of each quarter. There are different levels for all to participate in. 


NOT a package class and NOT for students over 7 years old, Music Jungle and Safari is a
comprehensive class for music beginners in Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd Grade. Children learn the
basics of music and theory, while introducing them to a range of instruments from percussion to strings
to winds. Hands-on participation and fun crafts are a staple, making this class a memorable and
enjoyable way for our youngest students to prepare for instrument lessons and our Theory I class the
following year. Parent is required to attend class with the student.  Plan to enroll for all three quarters, as each quarter will cover different material and
build on the last one. This is a one-hour class only, with a different price structure. 

Learn Music With Us

The Saturday Conservatory of Music (SCM) was established to provide affordable, quality music instruction to children in the greater Los Angeles area, targeting children from low income families and the school trained musician.