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Music education makes an incredible difference in a child’s development. It has been show to increase reading and math skills, help develop coordination and motor skills, and help kids succeed in school.  Practicing an instrument refines discipline and patience and reduces stress. Participation in an orchestra or choir cultivates social skills, and boosts self-esteem and confidence.

Saturday Conservatory of Music is a non-profit organization that brings quality music education to the children of greater Los Angeles area. This exciting program provides low-cost small group lessons, theory classes, and ensemble experience for children ages 6 through 20. Our teachers provide rigorous instruction that helps young people develop skills and technique, explore creativity, and build self-discipline.

The program was developed by public school music educators. Beyond simply providing music lessons, they knew true musicianship requires an understanding of music theory. In addition, an ensemble class would engage all the student’s music knowledge as the student learns to follow a conductor and play with others.


Our basic class package is three classes each Saturday morning:

Each class is important in its own respect, and each bolsters and reinforces what the child learns in the other classes, forming a much more solid, comprehensive foundation. For this reason, we do not offer one class without the others.  

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