Noah Donnelly


Born in small-town Texas, Noah didn’t have many opportunities to learn music during his formative years, save for a smattering of cello lessons and the obligatory school recorder program. He enjoyed singing and always found music close to his heart, but there was never an opportunity to wholeheartedly pursue the craft. All that changed at the age of 16, when Noah received his first guitar, a Yamaha C-40 classical nylon acoustic guitar, that he still uses to this day. Since then, he has spent a great deal of time obsessing over the intricacies of music and guitar alike.

For many years, music always seemed like the pursuit of a hobby for Noah, and his career choices lay elsewhere, but finally, thanks to a nudge from his significant other, he was given an opportunity to follow music wholeheartedly as an educational endeavor and career choice. Noah began his music education journey at Pasadena City College, and soon he was immersed in learning piano, guitar, music composition, and music production.

Despite starting his collegiate education with little music background, Noah was able to work hard and excel at his studies. He was awarded Superior Achievement for Music Theory and Music History and Literature; he was recognized for Outstanding Contribution in Electronic Music; he made the Dean’s list; and he was eventually awarded the highest honor at Pasadena City College: Faculty Honors Extraordinary. He also worked extensively as an educator, tutoring in multiple subjects as the Academic Support Lead at Pasadena City College, teaching Music Theory and Ukulele at Saturday Conservatory of Music, and working with private students at Arcadia Music.

Currently, Noah’s studies have transitioned to California State University Los Angeles where he expects to graduate in Spring 2022 with a Bachelor of Music – Jazz Studies degree. Noah plays locally with the Tim Baker Blues Band and continues to record at his ever-expanding home studio. Driven by his passion for music, he continues to grow daily as a guitarist, pianist, and music producer, and is excited to continue community outreach to students who are underrepresented and underserved.