We offer group lessons for the following:










French Horn


Trombome Percuion





What's New?


This new group class is designed to be an introduction to the beginning concept of playing the instrument. It is a great jumpoing off point to all the fretted stringed instruments (guitar, bass, mandolin, etc.) This class will cover nstrument tuning, basic right and left hand technique, strumming, hand placement, and body positioning. The class will also conver chords, scales, and sheet music reading, and students will apply these concepts in their practice outside of class. At the end of each semester, students will perform a piece within a group ensemble as well as a solo recital piece.

This orchestra is designated for musicians without any previous orchestra experience, with an emphasis on violin, viola, cello, and bass techniques.


We have 5 orchestras at various levels. Evaluations are conducted to place students in the proper orchestra.

8:30 String Orchestra

8:30 Wind Orchestra

This orchestra is designated for musicians without any previous orchestra experience, with an emphasis on woodwind, brass, and percussion techniques.

9:30 Orchestra

This orchestra is designated for musicians with some previous orchestra experience or with higher musical skills. The literature performed is more challenging than music for Beginning Orchestra and requires more musical background and skills.

10:30 Orchestra

This orchestra is designated for musicians with higher musical skills and significant orchestra experience. The literature performed is challenging and requires an advance level of proficiency.

Youth Symphony West(YSW)

This is our most advanced orchestra. It is designated for advanced level musicians who have orchestra experience. The literature is drawn from standard orchestral literature, as would be played by major symphony orchestras. Youth Symphony West has many performance opportunities in addition to the Saturday Conservatory quarterly concerts.

We have two string ensembles, Intermediate and Advanced. Intermediate String Ensemble is made up of members of the 10:30 Orchestra while Advanced String Ensemble is comprised of YSW members.
Students are encourage to concurrently enroll in both 10:30 Orchestra and Intermediate String Ensemble or in both YSW and Advanced String Ensemble.

What's New?

Music Jungle – A comprehensive class for music beginners in Kindergarden through 2nd Grade. Children learn the basics of music and theory, while introducing them to a range of instruments from percussion to strings to winds. Hands-on participation and fun crafts are a staple, making this class a memorable and enjoyable way for our youngest students to prepare for instrument lessons and our Theory I class the following year. Plan to enroll for all three quarters, as each quarter will cover different material and build on the last one.

Jazz Improvization – This is a lab for students who have reached at least intermediate level in their instrument and have mastered the Theory II class. This lab teaches jazz theory and techniques. It introduces students to the art of improvisation, and gives the students the tools needed to create melodies at a simple harmonic level. Students will participate in a small jazz ensemble. Other prerequisites and corequisites apply.

We also have two choirs, Children’s Choir and SCM Choir. Young beginners who are not yet ready for orchestra are encouraged to join Children’s Choir for its group experience. Members of SCM Choir are vocalists, instrumentalists, or both.

Youth Symphony West(YSW)

We offer four levels of theory classes with a NEW class offering of composition. Beginning students progress from Theory I to Theory IV. 

Our experienced students are tested and placed into the appropriate level class. These classes are designed to help students improve their ability to read and interpret musical symbols, play rhythmic patterns, sight sing, read and hear and remember melodies and chords. 

Each student is tested before they advance to the next class to ensure class material is understood. This is included for students who are enrolled in the full program.

Beginning Music Composition

This advanced theory class is designed for students who passed all four levels of music theory and who also want more performance experience. Students will collaborate with their peers in a group setting to write music that will be performed by themselves and their peers during the instrument recitals. The class will cover basic composition concepts such as counterpoint and review harmony, but most of all, it is creativity and performance focused. At the end of the school year, each student will have a portfolio consisting of 3 full-length pieces, with their world premier performances occuring during recitals at SCM. This workshop-style class helps students develop creative performance skills that can later be applied to improvisation and a great starting point for those who want to learn how to write their own music.

Learn Music With Us

The Saturday Conservatory of Music (SCM) was established to provide affordable, quality music instruction to children in the greater Los Angeles area, targeting children from low income families and the school trained musician.


• a lesson class
• a group class in orchestra or choir
• a theory class


• It is mandatory for each student to have an instrument(s) to practice on
• Each student must bring their instrument(s) to class
• Attendance is mandatory
• Missed classes will result in being dropped from the class
• Practice is mandatory – 20 to 30 minutes per day per instrument is the minimum
• Unruly or destructive behavior will result in removal from the program without refund

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