The SCM Basic Class Schedule, including:
1.  A Small Group Instrument Lesson
2.  A Music Theory Class
3.  An Ensemble Class

•  $140 tuition per quarter
•  $10 registration fee per quarter (non-refundable)

Each 10-week quarter consists of nine weeks of instruction, including a recital during the ninth week. The tenth Saturday of each quarter is Concert Day, when all ensembles perform for friends, family, and one another.


Students may enroll in an additional instrument lesson or ensemble class for an additional fee. (These may not be used to substitute other classes in the SCM Class Package. If a student drops their ensemble class and enrolls in an additional instrument class, they will be charged for an additional instrument even though the class total is three classes.)

● $40 for an additional instrument lesson
● $10 for an additional ensemble class




Available only to students who are enrolled in their school music program and also taking private lessons, Saturday Conservatory of Music has an option for those students who desire to gain ensemble experience. This is one option that lies outside our three-class package of classes.

● $50 for Ensemble Only, must be enrolled in private instrument lessons
● $40 for the above students to enroll in an additional ensemble



  • $5 Sibling Discount
  • Discount for students enrolled in San Gabriel Unified School District (ask for details)
  • $10 Late Registration Fee for registration on the third Saturday of the quarter


● Check
● Credit Card 

If for ANY reason a check is returned, we will assess a $25 fee.


This class is designed for students who have attained the ages of 4-7 years. The world of music, including some basic music concepts and an awareness of some of its instrumental offerings, will be introduced. Group participatory activities will prepare them for the next group music environment they will likely experience after this class – the group instrumental or vocal lesson.  Parent is required to attend class with the student.

Music Jungle & Safari students take ONLY this one class.

The class tuition fee is $80 + $10 non-refundable registration fee, for a total tuition fee of $90.


At Saturday Conservatory of Music, we believe so strongly in the advantages of our class trio—instrument lesson, theory, and ensemble—that we do not offer one without the others.
If a student for any reason drops one of the classes, there is no difference in price and therefore no refund. However, if a student is enrolled in an additional instrument lesson or ensemble and drops it, a pro-rated refund may be issued if the class is dropped within the first three weeks. Please click here for more information on our Refund Policy.


Class drops and class changes are not allowed after the 3rd Saturday of each quarter.
Invoices are sent via email after the third week of instruction.

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The Saturday Conservatory of Music (SCM) was established to provide affordable, quality music instruction to children in the greater Los Angeles area, targeting children from low income families and the school trained musician.

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